In the five target countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherland and Belgium) consumers are still reluctant to take up renewable energy (RE) technologies. Based on the experience and knowledge of several European consumer organisations, three major common barriers have been identified:

  • lack of understanding of the benefits of micro-generation and lack of tailored advice on how to implement them in practice
  • lack of confidence and trust in both the technologies and the installers/sellers
  • high upfront cost of the technologies

CLEAR’s objective is to lower these three barriers, hence raising consumers capacity to take informed decisions. The result will be a significant uptake in the purchase of renewable energy solutions (RES) by European consumers and therefore an important contribution to the 2020 European targets:

  • the acceleration of the growth of the renewable energy market;
  • the diversification of energy sources in Europe;
  • the implementation of the RES Directive in several European countries.