Partners engaged

The CLEAR consortium strength lies in our extensive knowledge of consumers and our technical expertness.

The consortium is composed of 5 consumer organizations (Test-Achats/Test-Aankoop, OCU, DECO pro teste, Altro Consumo, Consumentenbond), the International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT), a market research company (GfK) and an association for the promotion of renewable energies (APERe).

More in details:

Test-Achats/Test-Aankoop is the most popular Belgian consumer organisation with over 340.000 members. The mission of this organisation is the promotion and protection of consumer interests, the search for solutions to their problems, and the protection of their rights. Test-Achats is actively involved in the improvement of products and services offered to consumers by making comparative tests and studies.

Contact person: Giorgia Caroli


phone: +32(0)2 5423404

DECO PROTESTE, Editors, Ltd is an organization whose mission is to promote and defend consumer interests, solve their daily problems and help them implement the fundamental rights of freedom of choice, access to information, education, justice, health, safety and a healthy environment. Its purpose is to detect consumer problems, find solutions and make these solutions available to consumers.

Contact person: Isabel Oliveira


phone: +351 218 418 792

Altroconsumo is the first and most popular Italian consumer organization. Its information and activities have to do with fundamental themes affecting the market, products, public services, health, food, environment, safety and saving. Altro Consumo takes action on two fronts: on the one hand information and assistance to consumers through magazines and services, and on the other by representing consumers with local, national, European and international institutions and collective information spread through the media.

Contact person: Stefano Casiraghi


phone: +39 02 66 89 01

OCU is a private independent non-profit organisation that aims to promote and defend the interests of consumers, guiding them in their choices as consumers, working to help them solve their problems within the consumption of different products and to protect their fundamental rights as consumers. OCU has more than 300,000 members who receive a monthly magazine. OCU also communicates to consumers via the OCU website, which allows consumers to ask for information on different products.

Contact person: Fracisco Cabello


phone: +34917226085

Consumentenbond is a non-profit organization that represents the interest of consumers in general and members of Consumentenbond. With its core values independency, reliability and expertise the organization tries to realize fair, righteous and safe markets for consumers, for instance in the fields of finance, health care, travel, food, electronics and household appliances. Over 490.00 Dutch consumers are member of Consumentenbond.

Contact person: Barend Nesse


phone: +31 70 445 42 51

International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT) is a global consortium of more than 35 consumer organisations dedicated to carrying out joint research and testing in the consumer interest. ICRT is independent from political parties and companies and its tests.

Contact person: Davide Simone Nardi


phone:+44(0)20 7563 9188

GfK (Growth from Knowledge) is one of the world’s largest full-service research and consultancy company, founded in 1934. More than 12,000 GfK experts are working to discover new insights about the way people live and think, in over 100 markets, every day via qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. Within the GfK network the team of GfK Belgium Public Services is dedicated to handle and coordinate requests from international and national public institutions such as the European Commission, NATO, international NGO’s, consumer organisations, local authorities, charities, academic institutions and consultancy agencies. The Mission of GfK Belgium Public Services is to deliver trusted, independent and robust research that stands up to expert examination and public scrutiny.

Contact person: Sara Gysen


phone: +32 (0)16 74 29 31

APERe (the Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energies) is a Belgian independent association that works for the development of renewable energy in a context of rational energy use. Active since 1991, APERe has earned recognition from regional, national and European public authorities. Awarded with the title of “permanent education organisation”, APERe leads advising and education activities based on projects (campaigns, information, training, missions of facilitator, studies) and field activities (displays, lectures, animations).

Contact person: Benjamin Wilkin


phone: +32 (0)2 209 04 01