CLEAR Benefactors

CLEAR Benefactors are not direct partners in the CLEAR project, but they are consumer organizations that will provide a high level of support to CLEAR throughout the length of the project. They are fully committed to the success of CLEAR and will support some of the CLEAR activities with expertise, knowledge of consumers and own budget. They will also help disseminate the work of CLEAR and reach out to million more consumers via their channels of communication (magazine, websites, etc).

Three other European Consumers Organisations are benefactors in the CLEAR project:

CLEAR Supporters
Currently, 6 Supporters are involved into the CLEAR project.

BEUC (BE): The European Consumers’ Organisation

KU - Kuluttajaliitto-Konsumentförbundet ry (Finland)

- Danisch Consumer Council (Denmark):

Rad and Ron (Sweden)

CRT - Dtest (Czech Republic)

ZPS (Slovenia)

This group includes consumer organisations that have a considerable market potential for Renewable Energy Systems or a potential impact to the multiplying effect of CLEAR. They support CLEAR in the short term but also build the structure for the long-term targets of CLEAR beyond the end of the actions.

A yearly meeting is organised by ICRT with the "CLEAR benefactors", other European consumer organisations and stakeholders.